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Bed and Mikan Guesthouse, Chuo Ward, Tokyo

Bed and Mikan Guesthouse, Chuo Ward, Tokyo

This newly opened hostel is a great location for those of you who want to visit Akhibara in Japan but not be surrounded by the noise of thousands upon thousands of tourists. Located in the residential area of Chuo Ward it is just a 15-minute walk to the Edo Tokyo Museum and an easy stroll to the stunningly beautiful Sensoji Temple.

A welcoming dormitory room

The female dormitory was equipped with all of the essentials and a few extras thrown in for good measure. The dormitory rooms are separated by gender and each sleeps 8 people. 


As is popular in Japan, the beds are boxed (unless you go for a top bunk) and each has a privacy curtain. The bed was extremely spacious, especially for a hostel in Japan, had a full duvet and small light for night-time manga reading.


Relax in the common room

For those times when we want company, there is also a small common room within the female dorm (and I am assuming there is one in the male dorm) that featured a flat screen television and comfy sofa. It is ideal for those who wanted to stay up, or even do a bit of work - me included.


As a side note, the washroom and showers are in excellent condition, with hairdryers and plenty of space for checking outfits and applying makeup. Just in case you want to be insta-ready for your day trips.

It is worth just making it clear that the rooms are split by gender so if you are looking for a romantic stay as a couple together then this might not be your best bet. 

Additional amenities

There is a small kitchenette area in the dormitory which includes a fridge, microwave and a kettle. 


A number of spacious lockers are provided, they are sturdy, can fit a hand luggage sized bag, and in my case a ukulele! The hostel have even thought about the little things and provided clothes hangers in the locker. It made a nice change from the bag-creased clothes. 


Location, location, location

As i mentioned the Bed and Mikan Guesthouse is in a great location in terms of being close to amenities. But, in all honesty, it can be difficult to find on your GPS maps. I had an awkward moment of asking in at another hotel, the helpful receptionist was desperately trying to help.

After much googling, we were both shocked and equally embarrassed to realise it was next door! Don't have this fail and instead make sure you have it clearly marked on a map before you set off. 

In a quiet area, there isn’t much in the way of amenities directly on your doorstep, so definitely be prepared to walk or use public transport. However, there are a number of cool, fairly hip coffee shops nearby and a number of market-style shops operate.

Also, the river is nearby and if you have a bit of cash to splash you can enjoy freshly caught fish, sitting on a traditional boat whilst touring the local waterways. 

Finally, if you can't speak Japanese don't panic because the staff are both amazingly thoughtful and have a good-enough level of English to communicate. 

So, book your trip today, grab your seat and expect a warm welcome at Bar and Mikan Guesthouse. 

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