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Bumbling Around Brighton

Bumbling Around Brighton

For those of you who follow my Instagram page you'll have seen that yesterday I spent the day out in Brighton with my partner Marc. Known for its colourful and unique culture, people have been flocking to Brighton since the pier was first built as a focal point in 1899. To be honest, it has been a fair few years since I have walked its pebble beach and so we woke up on Friday morning and decided to head to Brighton to explore the lanes. 


Now the Lanes in Brighton are a series of interconnected winding alleyways and streets that was always the place to visit if you were looking for unique and independent stores, eateries and experiences. As we wove our way around, hopping and popping in and out of shops we noticed that some of our regular haunts seem to have changed into new life whilst others such as Snoopers Paradise were still holding strong. 

Here's my top three personal 'must stops' for the Lanes:

Choccywoccydoodah - for all of you chocolate lovers out there will be like paradise. Not only do they offer unique handmade (and fully edible) cakes for a good price (normally around £40) but upstairs is your very own chocolate-bar with a full mouthwatering menu.

The Spice Shop - want to purchase a huge oversized garlic or need something extra special to add a kick to your cooking then this is the best place to stop by. I can never resist drooling at the window! 

Snoopers Paradise - Of course, no list would be complete without this treasure trove of a shop. Covering mainly antiques and vintage paraphernalia and outfits you can easily lose a few hours getting lost in its nooks and cranies. 

After we emerged, double-backed and re-emerged a few times from the lanes it was time to head to Brighton Pier, one of my favourite it England because come rain or shine it is always being enjoyed by throngs of people. Yes, it could with a bit of updating, but to be honest I also love its rustic charm. I was a bit disappointed because the fairground at the end had a lot of maintenance work going on and so the haunted hotel wasn't open. But, nonetheless the arcades were still thriving and i managed to waste all of my spare change. I was happiest though that the fortune teller Zoltar, at the front of the arcades, promised me a happy year. 

After all of that wandering around it was good to sit still and watch the sunset, which is still as beautiful over the sea, even if you can now see the ocean wind turbines. 


Finally, it was time for a beer and so we decided to frog-march it to the Brew Dog for a glass of our favourite beer 'Elvis Juice'. Brew Dog Brighton opened its doors in 2015, after a long (and arduous) struggle to do so. It was 4.30pm on Friday afternoon and the place was already filled with throngs of hipsters enjoying their beer. I wondered for a few minutes why nobody seemed to be at work, but then remembered that Brighton is a hub of creative industries and so the people that were probably enjoying sipping their 2/3 pint sized beers were those who just a few hours ago were sitting in a coffee shop working freelance. Not that i like to stereotype but as I looked around that definitely seemed to be the 'feel' of clientele. Happily, we sat down in a vacant booth and checked out the menu, as always there was a long list of classic Brew Dog beers and eight guest beers.  

We slowly worked our way through a few Elvis Juice's which taste just like grapefruit, and then decided it was best to check out the menu, at which point i was pleasantly surprised. They actually had a number of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options which means that i could enjoy a full meal for about £10. 

The most fun though was the 'press for beer' novelty button which meant you got table service, great for those of, you like us, feel a bit lazy after a few beers. We also decided to purchase one of their takeaway 'Growlers' filled with, you've guessed it, more Elvis Juice. We love that they offer this, as it reminds us our Californian Home. For your first growler purchase you'll need to pay for the vessel which comes in metal or glass (we opted for glass) for £10-£12, and then they will happily fill your growler, and refill in the future, with your favourite Brew Dog. I'm sure you can figure out which Brew Dog we chose, yep, you've got it... a takeaway Grolwer filled with Elvis Juice cost just £8. Perfect for the fridge at home. 


That was it, our day out in Brighton started at 2.30pm and we got home at 10pm. There is just so much to see and do in Brighton if you are looking for a 'wandering around-type' location. You just basically can't go wrong with Brighton. There is also, as always, a burgeoning iconic music scene to get stuck into most nights so whatever day you choose to go you won't be disappointed. 

Thanks for having us in you Brighton!

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