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Trekking in Teplice Nad Metuji

Trekking in Teplice Nad Metuji

Teplice Nad Metuji is on the North-eastern side of Czech Republic, not far from the Polish border, so if you plan to go definitely pack some warm clothes. It’s an interesting place, not in terms of there is alot going on, in fact it’s the opposite in which makes Teplice Nad Metuji such an interesting experience.  

 What to do

Teplicke Skaly (Telice Rocks) are one of the natural national treasures in the Czech Republic. They cover more territory than the National Natural Park of Adršpach-Teplice Rocks. There is a nature trail of 5.9 kilometres that winds its way around the labyrinth of rocks, some of which even seem to have their own micro-climate. Whilst spending the day walking on the trails, I passed through one series of rocks which were bright and sunny, then another series of rocks which were covered in ice and snow!

The scenery really is inspiring and perfect for rock climbers if you fancy a new challenge. Points of particular interest includes:

  1. Echo Point, a wooden area where a mortar used to be fired to echo down the hill,

  2. Střmen, the medieval guard castle can be reached by climbing a steep staircase.

  3. The Rock Bride is one of the areas in the Teplice area where you can see a rare species of violet,

  4. The Cathedral  is a narrow gorge where, in the early 20th century, a street organ used to play for passing hikers.

I’d like to be able to recommend to you restaurants or bars that I tried, but to be honest I was weirded out by how quiet it was so I mainly just used the camp facilities. I did however have fun taking photographs of weird moments, the abandoned train tracks… still flashing. Also, I went during May bank holiday and so I saw children dancing around the maypole, but they were wearing halloween outfits! Weird, yes, but gloriously weird.

Where to Stay

Camp Kamenec is tucked away up a small hill at the far end of Teplice Nad Metuji. I stayed in an eco-hut which was fantastic, it was raised off from the ground and was triangular shaped; it felt like my own little hobbit house. There are also cottages available to rent on site for those of you that like a little more comfort.  

Camp Kamenec is the perfect location to go exploring the Teplice Rocks.

 Now if this is not for you there are other accommodation options. Although don’t be too picky because Teplice Nad Metuji is only small.

Off the map?

Now, this place really is remote so don’t expect restaurants or bars to be open, you’ll also get some strange looks depending on how busy it is. I went in May (the start of the season) so there was hardly anyone around; tourists or locals. But, I did really enjoy visiting this area so if you like exploring then please do consider Teplice Nad Metuji. Have you been before? Tell me your stories!

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